About Us

The website cutthespread.com was created in 2011 with the objective of providing news, research, and opinion articles on financial markets.

The recent financial crisis showed how simple life decisions have a large impact in the economy and how fast a crisis can spread to the whole World. People are concerned about all the implications and a renowned interest for financial markets has grown.

One way or another, each one of us is interested in financial markets. Some want to speculate on price movements, others want to invest for the longer-term or maybe try to guarantee some pension funds. And there are many other that just want to know what is happening in the economy and particularly how it reflects in financial markets.

Our first objective is to give updated information to all people. At the same time, we want to provide guidance to who is interested to invest, speculate, and trade the markets. We evaluate the most effective ways of trading and provide guidance.

Traditional trading is not accessible to every person because it usually requires large funds. Commissions are high, and there are many difficulties that put people aside. Financial spread betting is an easier way of assuming positions in the markets, and are a more flexible way of entering the market. From one account it is possible to trade not only equities, but also interest rates, bonds, currencies, and the high-flying commodities. Because of that, we will concentrate our evaluation in financial spread betting and on contracts for difference (CFD’s). Since trading is a risky activity, we will provide many tutorials and guides to help our readers avoiding mistakes.

You may now be thinking "why the name cutthespread.com?". Well, the spread is the difference between bid and ask prices any investor or trader has to surpass when trading any instrument. He wants it as small as possible to be able to buy and sell at almost no cost. So, we want spread betting companies and other providers to cut the spread!

filipe r. costa

Filipe R. Costa
Executive Editor