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City Index Review

Published by Filipe R. Costa on Tue, 02/08/2011 - 11:55
city index

City Index was created in 1983 and is currently one of the biggest spread betting providers available in the UK. The company has been growing and offers spread betting and CFDs all over the world. Its market offer is very large and spreads are tight. With a simple software, smaller minimum stakes than others, and with the huge market offer, City Index is one spread betting company that deserves a try.

Finspreads Review

Published by Filipe R. Costa on Thu, 30/06/2011 - 16:56

Having been created in 1999, Finspreads is a spread betting provider that offers the possibility of trading less than £1 per point move. Simplicity, easy of use and low spreads are characteristics that make this property different from others. Today we reviewed what Finspreads has to offer.

Interview With Adrian Buthee From Two Way Spreads

Published by Filipe R. Costa on Wed, 08/06/2011 - 17:00

This week Cut The Spread interviewed Adrian Buthee, Director of Twowayspreads, a UK based spread betting provider. This exclusive interview gives our users the opportunity of knowing more about spread betting from the perspective of an insider.

Inter Trader Review

Published by Filipe R. Costa on Wed, 25/05/2011 - 12:30
inter trader

Inter Trader is part of the family. The group has a long history in the entertainment and gaming industry and was formed from the merger between two giants: bwin Interactive Entertainment AG (Austria) and Party Gaming Plc (UK).

Capital Spreads Review

Published by Filipe R. Costa on Tue, 22/03/2011 - 16:52
capital spreads

Capital Spreads is a division of London Capital Group, a company listed in the London Stock exchange. Created in 2003 and based in London, Capital Spreads is now one of the biggest financial spread betting companies. We reviewed the company operations to help you understand what it can offer you.