CTS US Dollar Index

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About The CTS US Dollar Index

This page is dedicated to bring updated information and prices on CTS US Dollar Index. This index was created by Cut the Spread to track the value of the US currency against a basket of other currencies. Instead of keeping unchanged over time like the US Dollar Index, our index is updated to reflect real market data in terms of the most traded currencies.

If you wish to know more about CTS US Dollar Index please read our article A Proposal For A Rebalanded US Dollar Index. In that article we explain how we create our index and what are the rules and guidelines for it. If you want to have an idea on how the US Dollar Index can be overstating the real value of the US currency, then you may want to take a look at Does The US Dollar Index Reflect Current Reality?

The folowing picture/table summarises the latest stats for our CTS Indexes (CTS USD Index and CTS EUR Index):

CTS Indexes Data


Don't forget to download the files below if you wish to take a look at both the latest stats and historical data.